Pain management is becoming an ever increasing part of healthcare. Many pharmacies have been shut down as “pill mills.” Prescription Drug Abuse has gained national attention.

PharmHouse will only fill scripts for clinics that have been fully investigated and clinics who agree to conduct medical drug tests on their patients. This is required in order to ensure that medications are being taken, which is disclosed by a laboratory positive test that documents the patient’s use and patient is not selling meds on the street as a recreational drug.

We also double check the physician’s DEA number is active and in good standing.

On a monthly basis our pharmacy reports to the Texas Public Safety Division the names and amounts of prescribed of patients using narcotic medications. We also report all Schedule II medications to a national agency.

PharmHouse is working with a number of consultants in an attempt to address the issues required by the FDA, by the DEA, and other regulatory entities, with regards to narcotics and their abuse.

Irrespective, PharmHouse attempts, in every way possible, to provide patients in pain their medication in a timely, professional and legal manner. We operate under full disclosure and compliance.



PharmHouse has been in business for over 5 years serving the healthcare community. We intend to expand our operations over an even greater geographical area. Our staff consists of well trained pharmacists and certified, registered pharmacy technicians with over 40 years of combined experience.


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Business Hours

Monday – Friday

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However, we provide a 24/7 emergency fulfillment with pharmacists on call and a 24/hour delivery service to better serve our patrons.